I am the (overly) proud creator of the zazen emoticon, first posted and described in a series of five tweets on April 9. Herewith a recapitulation and slight amplification:

The middle part is typical of these little keyboard constructs and pretty obvious… :>) represents a Buddha-like smile, going down to a neck (-), all resting on a Buddha belly (O).
The bottom is a Hebrew aleph (ℵ), the topology of which evokes two feet and crossed legs in lotus position. It’s probably closer to a half-lotus, with only the front leg showing of course.

This little empty(ness)-headed meditator is topped off with the symbol (∅) from mathematics for the empty set. Think “mu.” Better yet, think “nothingness.” Notice, however, that when the whole emoticon is turned 90 degrees clockwise, as though you were viewing the sitting meditator face-on, then the stroke in ∅ runs the wrong way. So simply flip the upright emoticon front to back [rotate it around its now-vertical axis] and you have the view from inside!

But the inside of what?…

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