‘Univers Revolved’

Ji Lee’s ‘Univers Revolved’ is:

  • a three-dimensional alphabet, created by rotating each traditional upper-case letter around its left-most point or edge;
  • a downloadable font based on that alphabet;
  • a print book, “a toy for the mind,” written and illustrated entirely in that alphabet (except for the copyright page); and
  • the domain name for a Website providing more background on that alphabet.

    Here is the alphabet:

    And here is the title of this blog in the font:

    Untitled, Tom Lauerman

    Originally uploaded by TelegraphArt

    The small ceramic sculpture to the right is by Tom Lauerman. I first saw it as part of his collaborative exhibition with Fabio Fernandez, Sculptures in Love with Architecture, at the Provincetown Art Association and Museum in May 2009.

    There is a wonderful resonance between the forms of Ji Lee’s ‘Univers Revolved’ and some of their miniature architectural sculptures. In fact, in a few pieces, such as this one, the resonance starts to hint at similarity or even congruence. Or, inversely, to suggest a 27th letter in the alphabet!

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