Weather dross

For several years, I subscribed to the premium service of The Weather Channel, “ Gold.” But some time early this year, it went missing, with no announcement or fanfare or whatever: “ Gold is no longer available for new subscribers. Look for exciting new changes to come on in 2012.” Ok, then.

Frankly, I won’t miss the flakier aspects of the Website, nor the fact that renewals could only be done over the phone. (What was that all about?!!) But I will very much miss the ability to customize my page by pulling together all the forecast maps in one place, without the poorly-arranged, often-grotesque ads and banners that accompany the maps on the “free” pages where they are still available. What I formerly paid to aggregate in one place, however, is now scattered across multiple pages and pull-down menus, according to the (seeming) whim of marketers, designers, etc. As for the larger re-design of the entire site on which they seem to have embarked, those “exciting new changes to come… in 2012,” well, it is all sadly reminiscent of AOL and Yahoo! in a bygone era. Portal, anyone?

For me, going forward, there is a much simpler choice. See the Weather Maps link just below the banner photo (above) on the top of each page of this blog.

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