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Tom Brady and the Orthogonal Pivot

The title of this post was inspired by the original series of Tom Swift novels, such as the prescient Tom Swift and His Video Telephone (1914). If that eponymous Tom was around today, we might see him as a blend of MacGyver, Indiana Jones, and Harry Potter. Half spontaneous inventor, half madcap adventurer, and half boy magician — more halves than that Tom could have stuffed into His Aerial Warship.

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“Wipe that green off your face!”

If you’re a denizen of Pen World, you’ve been there — a fountain pen “misbehaves,” and there’s ink everywhere. Most notably on your hands. Those who feed the habits of the rest of us are especially vulnerable, according to Brian Goulet here: “…I live with ink-stained fingers most of the time!”; and here: “Inky hands are a point of pride around the Goulet shop.”


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‘Iterating Grace’: Ex post factoid, Part II

As I said in Part I of this post, hangers-on do one thing — they hang on. So in the aftermath of my late-June post, Is ‘Iterating Grace’ re-iterating ‘Milwaukee’?, I continued to check Twitter for mention of either “iterating grace” or #iteratinggrace. This was definitely FOMO-ish, but my co-hanger-on, Teddy Roland (@teddyroland), and I had invested more time than probably anyone (everyone?) else on the planet in trying to figure out who had created the phenomenon that was Iterating Grace (IG). So it was easy to rationalize just a bit more time every day or two or three.

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‘Iterating Grace’: Ex post factoid, Part I

If you arrived here from the link in Charley Locke’s December 6th Wired article, I encourage you to begin with Part II instead. Really. Stop. Koons will be much more gratified if you read about the book in Part II (and links therein) than about boring Twitter analytics, which is what you will get if you continue below. Really. Go to Part II.

OK, I warned you. No deadly vicunas below, only boring stuff about Twitter traffic.

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