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Tom Brady and the Orthogonal Pivot

The title of this post was inspired by the original series of Tom Swift novels, such as the prescient Tom Swift and His Video Telephone (1914). If that eponymous Tom was around today, we might see him as a blend of MacGyver, Indiana Jones, and Harry Potter. Half spontaneous inventor, half madcap adventurer, and half boy magician — more halves than that Tom could have stuffed into His Aerial Warship.

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Randall Munroe buys a house (or not)

sheep_TRP_comm Consider this question: How can a cartoon drawn by a physicist in Massachusetts impact the housing market in the Lake District of southern Chile? If you thought, oh, that sounds like one of those T. Rowe Price commercials that proclaim, “We understand the connections of a complex global economy,” that’s exactly what I intended… when I wrote it.

In the case of those five commercials, however, the opening is a teaser, for example, “How can power consumption in China impact wool exports from New Zealand, textile production in Spain, and the use of medical technology in the US?” The economic secret behind each combination goes unstated, but presumably if you become a T. Rowe Price customer, you will get the decoder ring, or a white paper, that will make it all clear.

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“Oh My, A Helicopter Above!”

One of the most memorable moments of Super Bowl XLVIII occurred very near the kickoff. Perhaps you can picture it as Peyton Manning, the quarterback of the Denver Broncos, turns to watch something passing overhead; and the television closeup of his eyes hints at how completely unexpected the moment was. I watched it and thought, “Wow, I hope that didn’t rattle him,” and then “What else isn’t he prepared for?…”

The second flyover

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NBA announces European expansion: Geneva Colliders

NBA Commissioner David Stern astonished the American sports world and the international scientific community today by announcing that the league’s first European expansion team would be the Geneva Colliders.

“We have long thought that scientists in general, and high-energy physicists in particular, are a neglected part of our fan base. So the recent flurry of press coverage and public enthusiasm surrounding the discovery of the Higgs boson at CERN made this an opportune time for action.”

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