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Steve Jobs and the Seven Geniuses

… or how I amused myself while waiting in line at the Apple Store.

Over the past ten days, it feels like I’ve spent more time in the local Apple Store than asleep, buying new hardware, dealing with data transfer, learning that an iPad re-boot may require pressing the Home+On/Off buttons for up to 30 seconds(!), and realizing I needed a video adapter and then a different one and then a stylus. All in all, multiple opportunities to stand in line and watch the goings on. It was always a mass of stationary, puzzled customers, unsure where to go for their particular purpose, interwoven with the Brownian motion of the staff in their Apple Blue shirts.

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‘Univers Revolved’

Ji Lee’s ‘Univers Revolved’ is:

  • a three-dimensional alphabet, created by rotating each traditional upper-case letter around its left-most point or edge;
  • a downloadable font based on that alphabet;
  • a print book, “a toy for the mind,” written and illustrated entirely in that alphabet (except for the copyright page); and
  • the domain name for a Website providing more background on that alphabet.

    Here is the alphabet:

    And here is the title of this blog in the font:

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