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Drawing Daruma in amethyst

This bullet is from my About page:

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Ko|ans|wers for the 21st century

Late in the 20th century I put this comparison at the beginning of a Web essay:

Old joke:
Q: What did the Zen monk say to the hot dog vendor?
A: Make me one with everything.

New joke:
Q: What did Bill Gates say to the HotDog Pro vendor?
A: Make me the one with everything.

For this to have been more than faintly amusing back then, you needed to know who Bill Gates was, of course, but more importantly that HotDog Pro was a wonderful HTML editor, generally way ahead of its time. Today, with the Australian developer, the original Sausage Software, off the radar, the new joke is probably faintly puzzling at best.

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I am the (overly) proud creator of the zazen emoticon, first posted and described in a series of five tweets on April 9. Herewith a recapitulation and slight amplification:

The middle part is typical of these little keyboard constructs and pretty obvious… :>) represents a Buddha-like smile, going down to a neck (-), all resting on a Buddha belly (O).
The bottom is a Hebrew aleph (ℵ), the topology of which evokes two feet and crossed legs in lotus position. It’s probably closer to a half-lotus, with only the front leg showing of course.

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