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Our correspondences… our intimacies

While I was doing some Spring Webcleaning a year ago, I coincidentally received a phone call from Nick Bantock about my long-moribund fan pages on his Griffin & Sabine trilogy. As I subsequently cleaned up the link rot in Where in the World are Griffin & Sabine?, I was briefly re-immersed in the tactile pleasures of the letters-in-envelopes motif that made the trilogy such a novelty.

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Spring Webcleaning

Web nostalgia is sweeping over me.

As I described in the previous post, Zen and the Art of Instellar Immanence, I recently chanced upon a link to one of my old Web essays from 1995 that had been mirrored on another site. Turns out it still is! I had moved it from my academic host to a personal domain last year, but had never put it back in circulation, so to speak. Having discovered that it was indeed very much alive, I spent an evening cleaning up the link rot and tweaking the layout. If I wanted it to be presentable, I would have to make it so myself.

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