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Lotus Agenda 2.0 no longer a teenager

Ever get wistful over some DOS program? I’m part of a loyal crowd that is still using Lotus Agenda, the legendary PIM (personal information manager) that was a personal project of Lotus co-founder Mitch Kapor. You can also see Bob Newell’s page of “Agendabilia” (just coined here in honor of the occasion). His site includes the draft text of the review by James Fallows from the May 1992 issue of The Atlantic [see Addendum #3 below], still a revered document among those of us in what Fallows referred to in a long-ago email as “the Agenda bund.”

Yesterday, as I was making a copy of my planner.ag file, I noticed on the Windows Explorer screen of my PC that it had updated on 8/16/2010, but that almost all of the other files in the APPS directory were last modified on 8/17/1990. That meant that tomorrow — now today, at least for another 15 minutes or so in the EDT zone of the Eastern US — is the 20th birthday of (at least my copy of) Agenda 2.0.

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