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Tom Brady and the Orthogonal Pivot

The title of this post was inspired by the original series of Tom Swift novels, such as the prescient Tom Swift and His Video Telephone (1914). If that eponymous Tom was around today, we might see him as a blend of MacGyver, Indiana Jones, and Harry Potter. Half spontaneous inventor, half madcap adventurer, and half boy magician — more halves than that Tom could have stuffed into His Aerial Warship.

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“Oh My, A Helicopter Above!”

One of the most memorable moments of Super Bowl XLVIII occurred very near the kickoff. Perhaps you can picture it as Peyton Manning, the quarterback of the Denver Broncos, turns to watch something passing overhead; and the television closeup of his eyes hints at how completely unexpected the moment was. I watched it and thought, “Wow, I hope that didn’t rattle him,” and then “What else isn’t he prepared for?…”

The second flyover

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