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‘Iterating Grace’: Ex post factoid, Part I

During the two months following my late-June post, Is ‘Iterating Grace’ re-iterating ‘Milwaukee’?, I continued to check Twitter almost daily for mention of the phrase “iterating grace” or the hashtag #iteratinggrace. I was watching for the unlikely — new substantive comments about, or credit-taking for, the mysterious early-June appearance of a small book in the tech-media circles of San Francisco. You can read much more fact and speculation about the book and its creators at the link above; this post is narrowly focused on some technical details of the resulting traffic on Twitter.

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Maybe not “Soooo big!” But still counting on bitly

[This was originally posted on August 13, 2011, but had to be “reconstructed” following the crash of a MySQL server at my Web hosting service.]

About this time last summer, I wrote three back-to-back posts about the URL-shortening service bit.ly, now routinely re-directed — how ironic! — to bitly.com and self-referenced as simply “bitly.” The posts were entitled “Soooo big!” Counting on bit.ly and were focused on estimating when bitly might run out of unique URLs:

Part I calculated that the available 62 characters (26 upper- and 26 lower-case letters, plus 10 digits), taken six-at-a-time with repetition allowed, yielded a pool of 62^6 = 56,800,235,584 unique hash strings available for assignment in URLs.

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