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“in the sight of… this company” and the Webcam

[This was originally posted on August 21, 2011, but had to be “reconstructed” following the crash of a MySQL server at my Web hosting service.]

After my post last summer about storm watching in Tofino, BC, I found two Webcams that show a real-time view of the Pacific Ocean along the west coast of Vancouver Island. One of these is closely centered on the Amphitrite Lighthouse near Ucluelet (about 40 km south of Tofino).

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‘Univers Revolved’

Ji Lee’s ‘Univers Revolved’ is:

  • a three-dimensional alphabet, created by rotating each traditional upper-case letter around its left-most point or edge;
  • a downloadable font based on that alphabet;
  • a print book, “a toy for the mind,” written and illustrated entirely in that alphabet (except for the copyright page); and
  • the domain name for a Website providing more background on that alphabet.

    Here is the alphabet:

    And here is the title of this blog in the font:

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    I am the (overly) proud creator of the zazen emoticon, first posted and described in a series of five tweets on April 9. Herewith a recapitulation and slight amplification:

    The middle part is typical of these little keyboard constructs and pretty obvious… :>) represents a Buddha-like smile, going down to a neck (-), all resting on a Buddha belly (O).
    The bottom is a Hebrew aleph (ℵ), the topology of which evokes two feet and crossed legs in lotus position. It’s probably closer to a half-lotus, with only the front leg showing of course.

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