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Weather dross

For several years, I subscribed to the premium service of The Weather Channel, “weather.com Gold.” But some time early this year, it went missing, with no announcement or fanfare or whatever: “weather.com Gold is no longer available for new subscribers. Look for exciting new changes to come on weather.com in 2012.” Ok, then.

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Gullible HD

[This was originally posted on August 27, 2011, but had to be “reconstructed” following the crash of a MySQL server at my Web hosting service.]

As hurricane Irene is crawling up the East Coast of the United States, it seems unfair — not to say cruel — to take advantage of someone else’s gullibility. Especially when that person’s focus is sincere concern for another person who is living on Block Island in Irene’s projected path. For the sake of anonymity, let’s call that first, caring person “L”; and the second, the focus of the concern, “A.”

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